FMB Fund is #FMBStrong

FMB Fund is a Private Equity & Venture Capital fund designed to create strong returns for it investors through the successful deployment of capital into assets that will rebuild, enhance, and grow the Southwest Florida (SWFL) & Fort Myers Beach (FMB) areas, especially those affected by Hurricane Ian.

FMB Fund is #FMBStrong

Bringing the Fort Myers Beach and Southwest Florida communities back physically and economically is just the beginning. Together we will make SWFL a globally top-rated place to live, work, innovate, invest, shop, and play!

Welcome Entrepreneurs!

We invest in SWFL real estate developers and existing SWFL property owners as well as SWFL based companies from startup to corporate. We simply need to be able to thoroughly understand the investment, and the investment must fall within our target investment type and risk-reward parameters outlined in in the FMB Fund thesis.

Welcome Investors!

FMB Fund is seeking qualified accredited investors interested in supporting our cause and investment strategy to deploy capital into real estate and businesses located in SWFL.

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